10 Years Compressor Warranty


We are pleased to inform you that we would like to offer 10 years compressor warranty for below refrigerators:


  1. MR-FV24J
  2. MR-F25G
  3. MR-FV28EM
  4. MR-F30G
  5. MR-FV32EM
  6. MR-BF36E
  7. MR-BF43E
  8. MR-F42E / G
  9. MR-F47E / G
  10. MR-F51E / G
  11. MR-F55E / G
  12. MR-F62E / G
  13. MR-V50E / G
  14. MR-C41G
  15. MR-C46G
  16. MR-L78E



  1. MR-F42EG
  2. MR-F47EG
  3. MR-F55EG
  4. MR-F62EG
  5. MR-L72EG
  6. MR-L78EG
  7. MR-JX64W
  8. MR-BX52W
  9. MR-WX71Y
  10. MR-LX68EM




  1. End-user must register via e-warranty within 14 days from the date of purchase other wise this warranty will be null and void.
  2. The customer original warranty card & proof of purchase (i.e. related invoice/transaction slip/ cash bill) must be presented when requesting service under the warranty period.
  3. The warranty card is not transferable.
  4. The warranty service is valid in Malaysia only and must be presented at MESM Service Counter before any repairing or service job is to be carried out.
  5. The warranty is invalid if Model and Serial No. have been changed or altered or defaced in any way.
  6. Any products installed at a height and risky area which is inaccessible, MESM can either request dealer or end-user that the unit be brought down to serviceable level or will impose additional charges for the repair due to requirements of additional manpower and tools.
  7. All accessories such as remote control, batteries, ac adapter, plastic panel, holder & attachment, wires, cables, hose, shelves, bulb, filter, antenna, tapes, disks, glass jar, vacuum bag, knobs, water supply hose, drain hose & etc. are not covered in the warranty.
  8. Routine inspection, maintenance, chemical & filter cleaning, washing tub cleaning and all types of cleaning is not covered in the warranty.
  9. Damages due to misuse, negligence, accident, alteration, tobacco nicotine, ammonia gas, household pest, fire, lightning, flood, natural disasters, drop, pollution, dust, rusty, oil, grease, smoke particals, abnormal voltage or usage of generator, acts of God, corrosion by sea water, acid and chemical detergent, problems or defects caused by tampering, conversion, unauthorized modifications or unauthorized repairs are not covered in the warranty.
  10. It is strictly not covered for commercial application like laundry shop (Dobi shop), hotel, hostel, hair & beauty saloon & others. (warranty covers for house – residential – use only)
  11. MESM reserves the right to replace the product within the warranty period, with a current equivalent model after attempt to repair the product fails.
  12. MESM reserves the right to terminate any warranty contract with no refund by written notice to the owner in the event that, in the opinion of MESM, the product is used for the purposes other than for which the product was originally designed i.e. domestic (house – residential) use.



Refrigerators (MR-FV24J, MR-F25G, MR-FV28J, MR-F30G, MR-FV32J, MR-BF36E, MR-BF43E, MR-F42E/G, MR-F47E/G, MR-F51E/G, MR-F55E/G, MR-F62E/G, MR-V50G, MR-C41E/G, MR-C46E/G, MR-L72EG, MR-L78E/EG, MR-JX64W, MR-BX52W, MR-WX71Y). 1 year general warranty (parts & labour). The compressor only is warranted for 10 years (1 yr general + 9 yrs compressor {claim once only}) from the date of purchase. After the general warranty ends (1 year from date of purchase), all expenses relating to parts,labour cost ,gas charging, transportation and whatsoever charges incurred in repairing the product or replacing the compressor are to be borne by the customer. And repairs must be carried out by MESM or its authorised service contractors.