180° Horizontal & 100° Vertical Swing

The brand new Mitsubishi Electric SEASONS Fan is built with 3D Smart flow design in mind - equipped with 180¬įhorizontally swing and 100° vertically swing to enhance air circulation all around your home. The fan operates with a DC motor, hence lowering power consumption and generates minimal noise (lower than 30 dB) simultaneously.

Versatile wind controlled freely as you wish

With a combined fan and air circulator with four-directional freedom of movement, the Mitsubishi Electric SEASONS Fan delivers a well-rounded cooling breeze quietly with its Silent Mode feature. The winglet-shaped blades are inspired by countermeasures designed for noise reduction in aircrafts. Mitsubishi Electric SEASONS Fan caters to comfort for all with its two adjustable heights.

Premium Safety Standards

Safety standards of the highest demand for electronic appliances are met - components of the hardware are equiped with non self-flammable materials, double fuse protection, and concealed motor.

Non Self-Flammable Materials

The motor, capacitor, lead wire, cord plug, 3-pin plug, closed end, and the printed circuit board (PCB) are made from materials with improved fire resistance to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Double Fuse Protection

All electric fans are equipped with two fuses to meet the 100% MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Safety Policy. The default fuse stops the fan from running when the current is exceeded, while the thermal fuse cuts off electricity when the motor overheats.

Conceal Motor

Product safety is enhanced through the use of a concealed motor which prevents foreign objects and substances from entering the motor. This effectively minimizing the possibility of accidents.

3 Years Motor Warranty For A Peace Of Mind

Should your fan encounter a defect in the motor material or workmanship, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC will provide you with a replacement fan free of charge. This warranty applies only to the fan motor and its electronic controls such as handheld or wall controls, control receivers, and electronic components.

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12 inch propeller Electric Fan
(3D Oscillation) (Remote Control)

Level of control

5-Speed Micom Control

Oscillation Angle

180° Horizontal
100° Horizontal

OFF Timer

3 sleeps(ON) 24.6 Hours
4 Sleeps(OFF) 124.6 Hours

Rated Power Consumption(W)


Noise Level(dB)






*Unique seven-bladed fan with a winglet form delivers dramatically quiet operation.

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