630L Storage Capacity to Free Up Your Pantry Space

The French door design delivers a wide internal space of 760 mm, perfect for large platters and ensuring maximum storage capacity.

Longer Lasting Fresh Produce with Vitamin Factory Technology

Designer drawer engineered with built-in LED lights acts on the chlorophyll in vegetables to stimulate photosynthesis. This technology also maximises the freshness of your greens by maintaining a higher humidity than the main refrigerator compartment. Keep your greens crisper for a longer time.

Automatic Ice Maker. Just Add Water Into Removable Tank.

The Connoisseur Collection features the non-plumbed Automatic Ice Maker. Since no separate plumbing connection is required, this cost-effective approach to making ice allows you to place the fridge anywhere you like, no longer constrained to the existing pipe work. Most of the water supply parts can be easily removed for cleaning.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency With Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology

The use of this super efficient Inverter Technology, combined with 9 monitored temperature sensors throughout the refrigerator makes the LX Series one of the most energy-efficient French Door Multi Drawer Refrigerators in Malaysia. 

Mitsubishi LX Grande is able to accurately control the temperatures in each individual drawer to ensure minimal temperature fluctuations. With Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology, the LX learns from and adapts to your lifestyle, optimising the output for unparalleled energy efficiency.


Color Black/Silver (Argent)
Gross Net
Capacity (Litre) Total 630 456
Refrigerator Compartment 333 295
Vegetable Compartment 117 67
Freezer Compartment 180 94
Dimension (mm) Width 900
Height 1798
Depth 735
Clearance Dimension (mm) Sides 30
Above 100
Behind 50
Weight (kg) 110
Energy Efficiency Energy Rating 4.0
Inverter Compressor Yes

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