Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty does not cover any unit damaged by usage not in accordance with instruction of operation, lack of routine servicing by our authorized dealer, installation not in accordance to installation manual & prevailing government regulation, abnormal voltage including use of private generator, Act of God, pests, normal wear & tear, corrosion, rusting & stain resulting from installation in abnormal environmental condition, cabinet, plastic panel, filter strainers, dryers, refrigerant, extruded parts such as knob, levers, bulbs, socket, scratches on the lens, images “burned in” & detachable parts & accessories including remote control unit, transportation & handling charges incurred during delivery of unit to & from our service centre, routing maintenance servicing & any consequential damages or losses arising from unit fault.

It is the customer’s responsibility that products which require service must be accessible by conventional means, otherwise, any expenses incurred shall be chargeable to customer.

Warranty becomes void when the serial number is removed, defaces or altered, any unauthorized repairs & modification is carried out on the unit, unit is used for commercial purposes other than its designed usage, on loan to other users, transfer of ownership & when the original approved warranty card cannot be produced.

Warranty is valid only in the event that the customer had purchased his/her Mitsubishi Electric prodcuts from any of the duly authorized dealers appointed by Melco Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd, warranty card had been fully & properly filled up & endorsed by such a dealer by stamping its rubber stamp at the appropriate space provided. Melco Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd expressly excludes all liabilities for any Mitsubishi Electric products purchased from any unauthorized dealers or third parties.

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