Message from Managing Director

“Changes for the better”, the words that forge MESM into industry leader as in today, MESM will and always maintain zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption in all its forms.

Company’s policies must be observed and followed at all time in compliance with MESM rules and regulations. It is paramount that MESM maintains lawful and ethical business practices in all sorts of corporate activities. Each and every one of us, without exception, will have to perform our sole duty as a compliant individual to uphold these laws and regulations and develop our company further without breaking its history that has been accumulated by the wisdom and integrity.

MESM is committed to dealing with business associates and government officials in a fair, transparent and ethical manner. A violation of Anti-Bribery Law would result in severe civil liability or criminal penalties, including heavy fines and imprisonment. We strongly encourage reporting of real or suspected cases of bribery and corruption without fear of retaliation. Any individual with significant exposure to bribery and corruption or conducts any activity that conflicts with company’s interest, which may result in company’s business disruption and reputation loss shall be severely dealt with without negotiation.

As the Managing Director of MESM, I am personally committed to ensuring highest ethics and level of integrity by which the company and colleagues within Mitsubishi Electric Group carry out our business wherever they operate throughout the country. MESM employees shall be provided with the right tools and knowledge to identify and avoid the risk of bribery and to report any concerns confidentially and without penalty.

Thank you for your support and commitment.


With warmest regards,
Managing Director
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.